Taking your career to the next level as a software developer: 20 tips to help you stand out from the crowd in today’s market!

This article first appeared on Medium . Photo by  Donald Giannatti  on  Unsplash Whether you’re stuck in a boring job for years, just landed your first job, or starting up as a software developer, and you wish to explore what’s next in terms of growing your skills, this article should help you get a sense of what your options are to improve your career and stand out as a software developer. Stand out besides learning advanced topics and growing vertically in your area of expertise that is. The points in this article are some of the lessons I learned in more than 20 years of teaching myself about computers beyond coding. This is how I landed my first job where I climbed my way up to lead the tech team in a very short time while being the youngest one on the team. It’s what my passion led me to do, and helped me become an all-rounder. Everyone’s journey is different, and I’m not suggesting that sticking to one path would work for everyone, or that success is defined by how all-rounde


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In April 2013 I bought the domain hoping to someday build a personal website where I could share my story with the world. It only took me only 7 years to finally start building one.